Dear Sir / Madam,


Would you be interested in acquiring a UK Company with Registration Number 08088888 for £21M?


We purpose the opportunity of acquiring a UK company registration number with BEST combination of eights, available on the market.

We wish you have a strong numerological fundament for your business and have an unique asset (which may be kept, resold or gifted)

with potential to highly grow in price. 















Item: UK Company with Registration Number 08088888


Price: £21,000,000 (Twenty One Million British Pounds)




It is UNIQUE because


08088888 it is the only company registration number of an active company within UK, that consists of six eights and at the same time is formed only from two digits


All other company registration numbers of active companies within UK that contain six eights, are being formed of three digits, eg.: 08488888


There is no active company in UK with the registration number containing more than six eights in it 



P.S. Company has no assets and no liabilities and it was dormant since incorporation. 



Thank You,


for the opportunity of contacting and,


for Your Time








































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