Dear Sir / Madam,


Would you be interested in acquiring a UK Company with Registration Number 08088888 for £21M?

We purpose the opportunity of acquiring a UK company registration number with BEST combination of eights, available on the market.

We wish you have a strong numerological fundament for your business and have an unique asset (which may be kept, resold or gifted)

with potential to highly grow in price. 










"Combination of infinity and ideal symmetry." 



The first 8 is the main «LEADER», thus is set in a «THRONE» between two (0’s) symmetrical figures,

and next five 8’s are the pillars for the «LEADER» eight.



0 - "Inception. Potential. God Power. Eternity."

8 - "Wealth. Prosperity. Infinity."



Item: UK Company with Registration Number 08088888


Price: £21,000,000 (Twenty One Million British Pounds)


It is UNIQUE because

1. Presumably, 08088888 has the most qualitative hidden meaning of great importance, behind the digit combination.

2. All other company registration numbers of active companies within UK that contain six eights, and are being formed of two digits, are less symmetrical and less ergonomic: 08880888 or 08888088 or 08888880 or 08888808.


P.S. At first glance, it may appear that 08888880 is also a good choice, but the number starts with zero and ends with zero, thus, meaning that eight's "wealth and prosperity" potential is kept within zero borders. Whilist in 08088888, a leader is outlined and is also supported by five "pillars" which at the end of the number are not restricted by a zero, thus opening access to the infinit flow of benefits. ∞ ∞ ∞

P.S.S. Company has no assets and no liabilities and it was dormant since incorporation. 

Thank You,


for the opportunity of contacting and,


for Your Time



21% of the selling price will be distributed to charity

10% of the selling price will be distributed to a middleman (if any)







































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